How to get more natural reviews?

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    To get more natural reviews, make sure to have a creative and friendly approach to your autoresponder campaign. Make sure that the autoresponder campaign has 1 email sequence asking them for feedback first, then once they left positive feedback, ask them politely to leave positive review as well, and on the email, include the review link for them to easily access the link and post their review.

    Encourage customer feedback. You don’t want to pester your customers to give you a rave review, but it is important to let them know that you appreciate any feedback. Just knowing that what they think matters to you will motivate many to get online and share their thoughts. You can do this by including a little note at the bottom of receipts. Include a link to review sites on your website to make it easy for customers to leave comments and ratings.
    Since so many people have smartphones these days, consider adding a QR code to business or comment cards and give them to your happy customers. When they scan the code, they will automatically be taken to the review site.

    Quick response to customers feedbakcs and concerns. Make sure to ask them or follow up them if how was the product or if there are any issues make sure that you are there to address their needs and issues.

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